This website is intended to aid those restoring, riding, or maintaining post-war pre-1963 Nortons of any model, or for anyone with an interest in developing knowledge around the subject. The library page houses many scans of original brochures and manuals, as well as copies of repair manuals written for Nortons. Excellent information for prewar Nortons exists on www.vintagenorton.com, linked on the sidebar.

If you have anything you would like to share or ask, do not hesitate to use the contact email created specifically for this website. All posts are moderated by Ken McIntosh or Ben Creemers in order to ensure that the information available is accurate as can be reasonably determined, and as useful as possible. Any suggestions to improve the site are welcomed.

Ken McIntosh is a well-regarded figure in the classic motorcycle and Norton world, having spent many years involved with the marque to the point of obsession. His company, McIntosh Racing Developments, has produced many replica Manx Nortons, and restored a great many more for enthusiasts around the world to the highest standard. 

Ben Creemers is a computer-literate student of Ken, who has caught the disease and now spends most of his time and money pursuing the hobby.

We hope that this resource proves useful to you, the reader.

The lineup outside the McIntosh tent at Pukekohe in 2021