Tuesday, February 14, 2023

1947 Norton 350T

Robert Dixon of Portstewart, Northern Ireland kindly sent in some images of a 1947 Norton 350T he has restored, both prior to and after restoration. In his own words;

Please find the pictures of a 1947 350T Norton. You can see how the top tube is bent upwards and the front down tube with a double kink. This was done by the factory to shorten the wheelbase by I believe 1.5 inches. The engine is cast iron, so the bike is quite heavy and on the day was useless as it was to heavy and slow. The 500T replaced the 350T. In 1947 only 7 350Ts were produced. You will get someone stating the tank is not correct, but I had to cut and shut another tank as the original was missing. 

The 350T can be seen offered in the 1947 catalogue as a 'trials' model, available as 350 or 490cc.

- BC